Humor And Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Lenny's workshops and seminars deal with the subject of "Humor And Emotional Intelligence", as well as "Humor And Laughter... The Best Therapy." His best seller, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Englightenment" has helped thousands of people realize the option of laughter, creativity, and humor as opposed to depression, stress, and despair.

We offer you a workshop that demonstrates how to include magic in your interpersonal relationships and turn your organization into a winner.

Humor is creativity…and creativity is the ability to alter reality according to your will by adding a positive, supportive atmosphere as an important ingredient in your work as well as in your daily lives. In this workshop, you will discover the nature of this reality.

During the course of this workshop, you will receive the following necessary tools needed to move from inhibitions into the world of spontaneity, creativity, and humor:

  • The magical power of humor: Engage in the possibility of changing stressful situations, at work or at home, into laughter and learning.
  • Commercial brainstorming: Realizing your sense of humor as a problem solving skill.
  • Discover your child within…and his/her endless talent as a gentle boundary expander.
  • Develop a comic perspective in order to use humor as a relax catalyst in overly serious situations.
  • Play with mature humor: Differentiate between "to laugh at" and "to laugh with."
  • Contact your creative and humorous genius to generate an abundance of ideas in a very short time.
  • Make humor and creativity part of your lifestyle.
  • Accept and learn the greatest gift of all: How to laugh at ourselves.
  • Realize the potential of your own comic resources, and gain tips on using creativity and humor at work, at home, and at play.




National Speakers Association

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