Humor and Emotional Intelligence as a Work Ethic

"Humor and Laughter as a Way of Life" is a non-conventional, experiential lecture, which will awaken your consciousness and prepare you to "laugh life" instead of "drag it". This presentation, geared for those whose thirst for humor and laughter as a magical ingredient in interpersonal relationships, is especially tailored for managers, directors, supervisors, educators, hospital staff, and all employees in general. During this powerful and engaging production, Lenny Ravich will discuss how the key to successful communication begins with stepping aside from the "slings and arrows" of every day negative encounters, and ends with regaining control over unhelpful emotions.

Professional literature reveals a tremendous interest in laughter, humor, and their positive results on our health. Belly laughter has an affirmative effect on blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, stabilizes breathing, and improves mental attitudes, which in turn enhances happiness as a work ethic.

Through his personal and human contact with his audiences, Lenny has touched individuals and organizations deeply by relating his philosophy in an extremely comical manner, offering us the greatest gift of all; the ability to laugh at ourselves. This means tapping into our positive resources and giving them expression in the workplace, in our homes, and in our daily lives.

By emphasizing optimistic and creative relationships with clients, Lenny enlightens his listeners on how humor enhances the ability to communicate in an exciting new way, paving a novel path to improved marketing, selling, and financial success.

Subjects to be covered
 by the presentation
  Upgrading your humor quotient  
  Humor for Business and Management 
  Everlasting Optimism For Improved
        Self Esteem


National Speakers Association 

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